InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch has an extensive test- and measure environment. Services for third parties can also be given. On this page, you will see a small selection of our services, all of the other services will be updated soon. If you get interested in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Workshops on your location

In addition to the services we offer in the form of measurement systems, we also provide interactive workshops about various innovations in the world of gymnastic sports.



XSENS 3D motion tracking system

InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch makes use of the XSENS 3D motion tracking system. With this system movements can be shown in 3D (with an avatar) and can be analysed. It consists of a lycra suit with 17 sensors (attached on different joints and segments) and relating software.



Test battery basketball

The InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch has different test batteries usable in different sports. One of those test batteries is the (physical) test battery, which is conducted at the New Heroes Basketball Academy.



Running analysis

The Sport Medical Centre of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital offers runners the Running Retraining Clinic (RREC) running analysis. This RREC running analysis consists of a running analysis on a treadmill with which a certified measure system (Optogait) is linked.



Rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament with OptoGait

One of the many measuring systems of the InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the OptoGait system. OptoGait is a multifunctional system that can be used for performing walk- and jump analyses. It uses a receiving and sending bar with 96 different LED-lights.