XSENS – 3D motion tracking system

InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch makes use of the XSENS 3D motion tracking system. With this system movements can be shown in 3D (with an avatar) and can be analysed. It consists of a lycra suit with 17 sensors (attached on different joints and segments) and relating software.

With this system we can answer different questions from the (gymnastic) sports: “Do I have to rotate faster when I want to do a fourfold pirouette?”, “What do I need to be able to make an Yurchenko with a 2,5 turn?”, “In which face do I lose my balance during that one specific element on beam?”. Not only in gymnastics, but also in many other sports, the XSENS 3 motion tracking system can have added value to answer questions (which can stimulate performance).

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