Mission and vision

ISLDB works from its own lab space (~ 60 m2) in Den Bosch on innovation, support and promotion of gymnastic sports. This is done from ‘De Plek’ (formerly: Flik-Flak hall), the largest gymnastic training location in Europe with more than 12,000 m2 training surface, which also serves as National Training Center (NTC) for the Men Artistic Gymnasts. The InnoSportLab develops, realizes and validates in sports practice as a small project organization, together with our partners from the sport, business, higher education and governments, new products, services and facilities. Primary for gymnastic sports, but increasingly also for other sports.


Our mission can be summarized in: achieving better, healthier and more enjoyable exercising in order to have sportive, economic and social added value for our partners. We develop and realize new products, services and ways of training guidance and we validate new sports materials and equipment.


To date, we have worked a lot for elite sports. In the coming years we want to translate the top sport innovations into recreational sports and also outside the gymnastic sports. This is a much larger sales market and therefore also interesting as a business case for our partners and for us. We have noticed that our accumulated expertise and measuring and testing equipment also have added value for other sports then gymnastics, such as runners, basketball players, hockey players and rugby players. We also want to explore and serve these markets.


Our big goals are:

  1. to stay the “preferred innovation partner” for the European gymnastics union UEG and World gymnastics union FIG for major innovations in gymnastics, where we enable gymnastics organizers to realize world-class competitions with our innovations and technology;
  2. to be the test partner for leading gymnastic device manufacturers when it comes to testing and evaluating new gymnastic equipment and products;
  3. to be a reliable and innovative partner for TV and sports media companies in ‘medializing’ the sport;
  4. monitoring top and recreational athletes in their physical and sporting development.

Create added value

For Dutch athletes and sports federations, our contribution yields more medals and more prestige / awareness. International sports federations benefit from our innovations through more transparent and fairer competitions with more experience by jury and audience (sporting value).

For companies and appliance manufacturers, our activities provide improved and new products that are better, safer and more profitable. For TV and sports media companies, ISLDB makes sport and sporting events more media-friendly so that they become more attractive to the public and sponsors (economic value).

For top and recreational athletes, our test and monitoring options offer a long-lasting, healthier and more enjoyable participation in sports because our own sporting development can be better followed and adjusted (social value).