Rehabilitation of the anterior cruciate ligament with OptoGait

One of the many measuring systems of the InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the OptoGait system. OptoGait is a multi functional system that can be used for performing walk- and jump analyses. It uses a receiving and sending bar with 96 different LED-lights. Interruption of those LED-light are registered as movement of the feet (from the ground and to the ground).

On basis of the information of the feet, spatio- temporal parameters of walking and jumping can be determined. With the help of two cameras, real-time camera information is available, which can be analyzed afterwards by the video-analysis tool from OptoGait. With this video analysis tool, body angles can be determined.

In addition to the usability of OptoGait in different project and test batteries, it can also have benefits in rehabilitation. An example of this is rehabilitation after an anterior cruciate ligament. During the recovery period, a patient needs to undergo a couple of phases in order to assess strong and weak points and to evaluate if the patient is ready for the next phase. The tests during these phases consists of, among other things, analysis of the walk- and run patterns and a battery of jump- and “hop” tests. These testing moments are important in the rehabilitation process and evaluation of the development. By using the OptoGait system on those crucial moments, the rehabilitation process can be adjusted as accurate as possible, whereby time and money can be saved.

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