Running Analysis

InnoSportLab ’s-Hertogenbosch is able, in cooperation with the Sport Medical Center of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital (SMC-JBZ), to develop a run analysis report with the help of the Optogait system. The Optogait system is a medical certified system and is multifunctional employable to execute run- and jump analyses. During the execution of a running, gait or series of jumps test a lot of data can be measured. For example: the stance and swing times, the contact and flight times and the distances and heights. The system uses also two webcams for real time videos. These videos can be analysed in the video-analysis tool.

By placing the Optogait system on a treadmill a lot of information over parameters can be gathered. A major factor in the analysis of a running pattern is the symmetry. The Optogait system is able to render a clear picture of the symmetry. The two webcams can be placed at the front or at the side, but also from above or behind, so the runner can be looked at from all possible angles. In the videos of the running pattern different angles can be drawn and analysed with he help of the video-analysis tool.

With the obtained parameters of the Optogait in combination with the knowledge of the SMC-JBZ a correct advice can be given to the runner. So (s)he can adjust and improve his running technique to run without injuries.

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