Cable tension meter

The InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch has constructed, together with Janssen-Fritsen, a tension gauge for gymnastics to measure the tension on the cables of the uneven bars and the horizontal bar.

The Rigtune Pro tension gauge, coming from the sailing sport, has proven to be a valid and reliable measuring instrument with which the tension on the cables of horizontal bar and uneven bars can quickly and accurately be determined in both competition and training situations. This saves valuable setup time and allows the cable tension to be set faster for each gymnast.

Epke Zonderland and his trainer Daniel Knibbeler used Rigtune Pro tension gauge during the Olympic Games to have the optimal tension on the horizontal bar for Epke. A few days before the games, during an exercise in the Olympic hall, the materials are tested, to become used to the materials and to be able to perform his golden exercise a few days later during the finals.

Trainer Daniel Knibbeler uses the Rigtune Pro voltmeter to check the cable tension for Epke’s golden exercise during the Olympic Games.

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