Visual feedback

In a jury sport as gymnastics, direct visual feedback during training is of great additional value. Video support is almost fundamental in gymnastics, proven by the video facilities in the training halls in Den Bosch and Heerenveen.

Advanced video systems have mainly been used by top athletes and during major gymnastics events. These are often expensive (high-speed) video systems with specific functionalities and analysis options. At recreational sports, there is also a growing need for video support, in order to, for example, benefit from video and direct, visual feedback. However, the available resources and required functionalities are generally more limited within gymnastic clubs than those in top gymnastics club. This requires different solutions.

Make choices…

Video support during training is always possible, independent of the budget of the gymnastic club. There are countless video recording and analysis programs and Apps available, with costs ranging from free (!) to tens of thousands of euros. It is important to first get insights into the goals for which video support is used. From there, the requirements of the equipment and programs for the video support can then be derived, for example: normal speed or high-speed video?, playing with time delay or not? Mobile or fixed system and the desired quality of the images.

The InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch has various video and camera systems that are suitable for making video analyzes at multiple levels. Simple systems with only one camera and software can already be realized with the help of a laptop and low costs. Complete mobile video systems with high-speed recordings and multiple cameras are readily available in the middle segment. For systems integrated into a training hall, robust systems (due to dust, magnesium) and additional installation and management, costs must be taken into account. With regard to video and analysis software and Apps, there are several good solutions.

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For the occasional use of video support by gym clubs, the InnoSportLab also offers a number of interesting rental options. You can contact us by e-mail to discuss the possibilities.

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