Visit Stedelijk Gymnasium

On Thursday 12 April 2018, the Stedelijk Gymnasium ‘s-Hertogenbosch visited the InnoSportLab. The Stedelijk Gymnasium also visited us last year, where they had the coincidence that the National Men’s Team was training the same day in the men’s gymnastics hall. Unfortunately, they did not have the same luck this year. However, they may have experienced a very interesting morning.

The visit started at 9:15 with a presentation about the InnoSportLab, which gave the pupils more knowledge of the lab, the measuring systems and all activities of the lab. After the presentation there where three demonstrations: a demonstration about our OptoGait system, a demonstration about our LaserSpeed ​​system and a demonstration about our Xsens system. The pupils were given the opportunity to learn all about these systems and to experience the systems themselves (because who is not curious about how high you can jump?). They also came up with good ideas to use our systems outside of the gymnastic sport. The morning ended with a tour of “De Plek”, the building where the InnoSportLab is located. As a result, the pupils also learned about other measuring systems that are (daily) used in our sports halls.