November 30th, 2018 Klokhuis TV item is about Artistic Gymnastics. In this episode will be explained how elite gymnast Tisha Volleman – member of TeamNL and ‘Topturnen Zuid’ – trains and how the complicated judging system of Artistic Gymnastics looks like. Human Movement Scientist and labmanager Maurice Aarts of  InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch will show how Tisha is supported with a 3D-motion analysis system during her training sessions who will help her improve movemeent performances of e.g. split jumps and pirouettes.


The TV-item with Tisha Vollemanen and InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch will be broadcasted on November 30th, 2018 from 18:35 – 19:00 hours on NPO3.


Rewatching of the  TV-item is possible – after it has been broadcasted – by this link (in Dutch)