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E-mail: maurice@isldb.nl
Mobile: +316 – 28351624

Maurice Aarts

Manager InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Maurice Aarts (1967) is educated as Human Movement Scientist at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam and also as a Physical Educator at Fontys Sporthogeschool Eindhoven. Maurice also works at Fontys Sporthogeschool as a teacher in research, biomechanics, anatomy, pathology and movement analysis.

E-mail: arno@isldb.nl
Mobile: +316 – 14789442

Arno Pluk

Embedded Scientist

Arno (1984) is embedded Scientist at the InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch. He has a background in Technical Information (TU Eindhoven). After university he did a PhD-traject Human Movement Sciences at the KU Leuvel about sensors and sport. Furthermore, Arno is gymnastics coach (Women) and international juror (Men, category 2).

E-mail: stephanie@isldb.nl
Mobile: +316 – 30110843

Stephanie van Cappellen

Data scientist

Stephanie (1993) is working as a data-scientist at the InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She is educated as Human Movement Scientist (VU Amsterdam) and movement technologist (Haagse Hogeschool). She is also a gymnastics coach (Women) at O&O Zwijndrecht.

E-mail: nienke@isldb.nl
Mobile: +316 – 20371008

Nienke Ekelenkamp

Data analist

Nienke (1992) is working as a data-analist at the InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She is educated as a psycho-motor therapist (Hogeschool Windesheim Zwolle) and Human Movement Scientist (VU Amsterdam). She is also a gymnastic coach at Avanti-Turnivo Bladel and Gymsportvereniging Fysion Nijverdal.

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